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Tokidoki Rikugo (六合鴇時 Rikugō Tokidoki) is an easygoing high school student. As a child, he was sent to boarding school by his parents who barely kept in touch with him. He was consequently taken care of by Suoh Kuwata, a law breaker type of guy who became a very important figure in his life, and a young woman named Chitose.
Tokidoki is not good at history, and as a result has to go on a field trip to a museum that has an interactive virtual reality (VR) reproduction of the Edo period. While in the VR world, he is attacked by a nue who seems to be controlled by a small being called "Yakou". He is rescued by a woman (Kuchiha) yielding a sword.
As a consequence of the attack, he loses vision on his left eye and finds himself trapped in this simulation of the Edo period. After becoming acquainted with the virtual universe, he seems to adapt quickly to his new surroundings. He goes under the care of Lord Shamon, a priest who cares after Kuchiha and a guy named Kon, whom he met in the real world before his attack. After meeting some interesting characters, both human and demon, he finds himself having to choose between siding with the demons, or with the humans, who seem to be at war with each other. He is stuck in a gray area, not wanting to choose either side. While in this new universe, Tokidoki is called by some the "Hakutaku," (白紙の者, "the blank page"), as his fate isn't foretold by Heaven's Net as it is for everyone's else.


Tokidoki personality is carefree, without any hardships in his life, as Kuchiha puts it. It's later shown that he is willing to help people, and has a hard time choosing between the two sides, demons or humans.



Kuchiha is the one who saved Toki at first, even though, the first time she really talk to him she told him that she couldn't bear people like him. But time by time she started to see the good side of him and they started to build a relationship. Both Toki and her developed feelings for each other as it is shown when Kuchiha is trapped, Toki swore her he will come and save her, in response she said she'll be waiting for him.


Both of them are from a future world and both are called "the Unwritten page", even though Kon is consider as the former one. They consider each other as brothers, and would be willing to sacrifice themselves for the other.


Tokidoki's birthday is March 27th, which makes him an Aries.[]